tombstone eng


The origin of the term ‘tombstone’:
A tombstone is a type of print notice that is most often used in the financial industry to formally announce a particular transaction, such as an initial public offering, placement of stock of a company or a merger or acquisition.

The Securities Act of 1933 (U.S.A..) required the publication of the tombstone advertisement to be printed in a newspaper and providing the barest of information on the transaction as the last step in the financial deal.

The name comes from the type of advertisement used, a ‘tombstone ad‘, so called because the simple, centered text style with large amounts of whitespace and few if any images or other decorations , but especially the black border made them look like a tombstone.

Tombstone Plexi Art is since 2003 specialized in producing the rectangular or square acrylic awards, in other words: tombstones.

you choose us because

– production starts with one single piece
– fast delivery, often within a few days
– guaranteed the best pricing in the Netherlands
– flexibility with you as the originator
– free light assistance with the layout

and maybe the most important reason: every order has the highest confidentiality

Tombstone Paper
– Matted Paper
– Metallook Paper

Tombstone Print
– Transparant
– Transparant with 3mm white backside to improve the images and logo’s

Tombstone Combination
– Combination of Tombstone Print and Tombstone Paper
– Tombstone with standard

Next to this we produce the bamboo tombstones, 20 mm pressed bamboo plaques with full color prints, an even more sustainable alternative relative to the acryllic glass awards. On request we can deliver them with a thickness of 40 mm.